June 4, 2015

What About These Rumors About a New GED Exam?

There are big modifications on the way when it comes to the GED exam. If you’re thinking of sitting for the GED, it’s important you know about them. In 2014, a brand new version of the test will be replacing the old one, as well as new rules and regulations for such things as time limits, where to take the exam, etc. As of today, not many people know many facts about the new format of the GED, but one thing is for sure. You can take it to the bank that the 2014 GED is going to be a lot harder to score high on than today’s version. There have been a lot of articles in the newspapers and on the internet, and according to them, there is one big reason for the decision to come out with a GED that is a lot harder than today’s. That was the fact that employers and managers were becoming increasingly vocal about the reliability of the GED.

If a person passes the GED, it is supposed to mean that they have mastered the same knowledge base as the average high school graduate, but business owners are more and more saying that that isn’t true. In fact, many of them are saying that the average GED holder can barely do junior high level math and reading, and that hiring a person with a GED was turning into a crap shoot. Sometimes they get a good employee with high school level skills, but many times they get one who can’t handle fractions or words with more than two syllables. Clearly, something had to be done, or the GED was going to turn into a joke. So the company is spending years coming up with a new test that they claim will be much more difficult than the current one. Rest assured that all the information you read on this site is up to date, because the old test is still the one being used. When the test changes in 2014, we’ll change our website. In the meantime, if you’ve been on the fence about taking the GED exam, now’s the time to do it, because if you put it off, you may well find yourself staring down at a much harder test.

Can I Take an Online GED Test?

Many people who are hoping to earn a GED would prefer to take an online GED test. That’s understandable, as they could take the test in the privacy of their own home. They wouldn’t have to dress up, drive across town, and sit in a room full of strangers on the big day. A lot of people have “social anxiety,” and get nervous around strangers or large groups of people. For someone like this, who is already anxious enough about passing the test, being able to take the test at home would be ideal. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to take on online GED test.

Well, it’s not possible to take the actual GED exam online. There are actually a lot of good reasons for that. The main one is test security—making sure that no one copies the test, and also making sure that a person doesn’t get a friend to come over to the house and take the test for him or her. So, unless technology makes some big breakthroughs in this area, the odds are that there will never be an online GED test. However, there are some practice GED tests that are available online. Some are better than others, but the good ones can help you relax about your prospects of passing and give you confidence when you actually walk into the test site to take the real test. For now, anyway, these practice tests online will have to do.