June 3, 2015

Visiting GED Test Centers

Candidates are encouraged to visit their local GED testing center prior to taking the GED tests. The testing center can provide a great deal of helpful information and many valuable study resources. Most centers operate during normal business hours while some centers are also open on weekends and evenings. Some testing centers operate additional testing facilities that may be closer to a candidate’s home. Candidates should be aware that testing centers operate like any other business and candidates should call for hours before making a trip to the center. Candidates are also encouraged to inquire about additional facilities at their nearest GED testing center.

Testing center staff members can provide a wealth of information to GED candidates. Candidates can obtain a list of websites, books, and materials that offer test preparation programs. Candidates can receive answers about the content of the GED tests, the nature of test questions, the process required for requesting special accommodations and the resources available for candidates with special needs. Testing centers can also refer candidates to public and private GED study programs and courses located within the candidate’s residential area.

Certain states or counties may have residency restrictions that require candidates to take the GED test at a center located within their county of residence. Candidates should inquire about residency restrictions with their local GED testing center.