June 5, 2015

Reporting GED Test Scores

GED scores are reported separately for each of the five parts of the test. Test scores range from a low score of 200 to a high score of 800. The Language Arts Writing test score will be reported as a combination of the multiple-choice test and the essay test. Each state or jurisdiction is responsible for setting the score requirements for GED tests.

In general, there is a minimum passing score for each section of the test and minimum average score for the entire series. The minimum passing score is set by graduating high school seniors who are tested in the spring of their senior year. Each state can require that GED candidates score higher than the minimum in order to receive the GED credential.

Starting with the GED test version released in 2002 the minimum standard set by the General Educational Development Testing Service, or GEDTS, is a five-subject area average of 450 with and total score of 2250 or greater. GEDTS also requires that each individual test score be a minimum of 410.


Please note that these are the score requirements for the current version of the test. New score requirements will be released along with the release of the 2012 version of the test. The new scoring standards will be determined by graduating high school seniors in 2011 which precedes the release of the updated version of the test.