June 2, 2015

Preparing for the GED Tests

There are a variety of ways for GED candidates to begin preparing for the GED tests. Taking a GED practice test is the best way, but there are others, too. Candidates are encouraged to contact adult education resource centers in their area. Adult education resource centers can refer candidates to preparation classes, adult education programs, or community college programs. To locate adult education centers, candidates can go to America’s Literacy Directory online or the National Institute for Literacy

Free GED Test Prep Online

Candidates may also contact The National Center for Family Literacy and speak with a counselor who can help to determine the appropriate instructional programs for GED candidates. Candidates who would prefer to pursue self-instruction programs may choose from a variety of television study aids, online instructional courses, and written sample tests. Local television stations may broadcast study programs during certain time slots. Candidates can consult local television listings to identify if any stations in their area offer GED preparation programs. Candidates should visit their local testing center to receive a full listing of the preparatory resources available to them.


Students can begin GED test preparation by understanding the various skills that will be required. The tests will require higher-order thinking skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and information analysis. GED practice tests can help students to better understand the types of questions that will be on the actual test.

GED Practice Test: The Key to Passing the GED Test

Yes, a GED practice test really is the key to passing the GED exam. Now, we’re not saying that it’s absolutely impossible for a person to take the GED and pass it without the benefit of a practice test. No, there are a few people who are naturally gifted who can waltz in and pass the GED without breaking a sweat. However, these people are rare. There are others who manage to pass the GED without a practice test by putting in hundreds and hundreds of hours of study before the big day. That approach certainly works, but is it feasible for you? Do you have the spare time to put in hundreds of hours of study? And even if you do have the time, do you have the self-discipline it takes to do so? Quite frankly, the vast majority of people don’t. The good news is that you don’t need to with the help of a GED practice test.

Where do you find a practice test for the GED exam? Well, you can go online and find a site or two that offers a free practice test, but you’ll generally find that the test consists of only a few practice questions, which aren’t nearly enough, help. You’ll want a full-fledged test just like the one you’ll be taking to be truly prepared. The best place to get a real practice test is to buy a good GED study guide. You’ll have to spend a little money, but the small investment will be worth it if it helps you earn your GED.

Think about it…unless you’re a one-in-a-million natural genius, there are only two ways to prep for the GED test. You can spend hours and hours a night for weeks slaving over textbooks on math, English, social studies and science, taking pages and pages of notes and hoping you remember them all, or you can get a good GED study guide and use the tips and shortcuts you’ll read about to help you. Then you can use the GED practice test to give yourself a trial run. Those are the only options that most people have, and when you think about it, it’s an easy decision.

What Is the Best Kind of GED Practice?

There are various approaches to getting ready to take the GED test, so which is the most effective? Which one will do the most to help you get a passing score? Which approach will give you the most “bang for the buck” compared to the time it takes? There’s a lot riding on these questions, because passing the GED can open doors to higher education and better jobs. It can mean the difference between just barely getting by, making a good living and raising a family in a nice neighborhood, or pursuing any other dream you might have.

Think about this: what do professional athletes do when they’re facing a test where literally millions of dollars are on the line? They take practice runs. Do you think Tiger Woods just shows up on the day of the Master’s and then starts playing? No, he and all the other top pros are out taking swings on the course days ahead of time. That way they get the lay of the land, can spot problem areas and won’t face any surprises. This approach was a huge factor in Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France a record seven times. While most other cyclists were participating in various races during the racing season, Armstrong spent his time cycling the Tour route every day until he knew it like the back of his hand.

Take a lesson from these champions. When it comes to preparing for the GED exam your best bet is to take one or more practice tests. Studying can help, but there’s nothing like getting right down to where the rubber meets the road by taking a test that will be much like the one you’ll face on testing day. You’ll know what to expect, you’ll run into a lot fewer surprises, and because you’ve been down the road before you’ll be able to take the test with confidence. There are some great GED practice tests available. Get one and use it; that’s the best kind of GED practice.

GED Classes Are an Excellent Investment in Your Future

If you’re planning on taking the GED exam in the near future, consider signing up for GED classes. These classes are specifically geared toward helping people earn a GED, and, while the quality varies (like anything else in life), they are generally well presented and run by people who truly care about helping you build a better life by furthering your education. However, there are some GED classes organized by people just trying to make money, and sometimes the quality of these programs isn’t that good. So, how do you find good GED classes?

Generally speaking, you’ll be looking for GED classes that are organized and/or sponsored by an educational group, government agency, or a religious or other nonprofit-type organization. These groups have been offering classes to help people pass the GED for decades and usually know what they’re doing. The classes are often free but if a fee is charged, it’s usually very low. In other words, they’re not doing this to make a quick buck and they’ve been around a while so you can trust them. They’re usually held on evenings and weekends to accommodate working people. You can find this type of class by searching the internet for GED classes in your area.

Now, this isn’t to say that there aren’t some very good classes run by for-profit companies. There are some; ask around and if you can find people who have had satisfactory experiences with a company, that’s a good sign. However, you should be aware that you’ll generally have to pay a lot more when taking classes from a for-profit company. If that’s your only option it may well be worth the cost because good GED classes can mean the difference between passing and failing. Do some investigation first.

Are There Any Good GED Books?

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of Americans who are getting ready to take the GED test, you’ve probably seen GED books at the library or the bookstore or advertised on the internet. If you’re like many people, though, you’re skeptical of getting burned if you buy one of these books. At the same time, you recognize that you need help if you’re going to get a passing score on your GED and wonder if any of these GED books can really live up to the promises they make as far as boosting your test score.

Well, if this describes you, set your mind at ease. Yes, the vast majority of these books about the GED test can be very helpful. The authors have researched the GED test and have used their knowledge to create guides to help people just like you. You can find buy excellent books about the test at your local bookstore or on the internet. If you’re on a tight budget, your local library should have several good options to choose from, and librarians are known for being very picky about which books they stock, so you can rely on any GED books you find there. The GED exam is not easy and books can give you the edge you need to help you pass i