June 4, 2015

GED Updated Test Versions

Beginning on January 1, 2012, GEDTS, the General Educational Development Testing Service, will release a new version of the updated GED test. Periodic new version releases are necessary to ensure that the tests remain up-to-date with changes in high school curriculum and academic standards. Only the English version of the tests will be released in 2012. Versions for non-English languages or English as a second language will be released in 2013. It is standard procedure for the GEDTS to release non-English versions one year after the release of an updated English version of the test.

The tests released in 2012 will contain the same subject area tests as the current GED test. The primary difference in the new version is that it will emphasize higher-order thinking skills and questions with greater focus on informational texts. Passing scores will be determined by the performance of graduating high school seniors tested in the spring of their senior year.

The content of the 2012 version of the test will be determined by various high school teachers from the U.S. and Canada, human resource representatives, college representatives, university representatives, and military representatives.

The passing score for the 2012 version of the test will be determined by the scores of high school seniors graduating in the year 2011, which is the year preceding the release date of the test.

At the present time, it is anticipated that there will be no change in the number of questions in each section or the time limit given to complete each section. Like the current version of the test, an essay portion will be present and special test-taking accommodations will be available.