June 3, 2015

GED Testing Sites

GED testing is done throughout the United States, Canada, and various international locations. GED testing sites can provide a wealth of information about the test. They can also provide information on the various resources available to GED candidates. There are over 2,800 testing centers in the world which can be located by calling the toll-free-hotline at (800)-626-9433. Candidates may also visit various online sites that can help to locate the testing center closest to the candidate’s residence.

Candidates are encouraged to visit their official GED testing centers. However, different testing centers operate during different hours. It is important to contact the testing center before visiting to confirm business hours. While most testing centers remain open during normal business hours, some are open on evenings and weekends.

Candidates are also encouraged to discuss alternative testing locations with a staff member from their nearest testing center. Many sites offer alternative testing locations so that candidates do not have to travel excessive distances to take the GED tests.

GED candidates located abroad and foreign nationals have access to over 100 testing center locations. Military personnel who wish to take the GED may do so at military installations operating DANTES programs, or Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support.

This information is very likely to change in 2014, when the new version of the GED exam is introduced. Our website will keep you up to date with any and all changes related to the GED.

Finding the Right Testing Site

GED test sites are located all over the United States. In fact, there are nearly 3000 different test sites in America (an average of nearly 60 in each state), which means that there should be one that is convenient for everyone. If you live in a large city there is no doubt more than one site within a few minute’s drive. If you live in a smaller town, odds are that you won’t have more than an hour’s drive to reach the nearest GED test sites.

If you’re planning on taking the test, it’s very important that you not only know where the site is given, but also how to get there. Don’t wait until the last minute to look it up. If you’ve never been to the local GED test site, it’s a good idea to take a test drive so you know exactly where you’re going on test day. If you’re not sure where one is in your area, you can simply do an internet search with the term “GED test sites” followed by your city and state. This will quickly turn up the nearest test site locations and you can even get driving directions, too.