June 3, 2015

GED Test Scores

GED test scores range from 200 to 800 for each section of the test. The maximum combined score for all parts of the test is 4,000. The standard score scale for the GED tests is determined by the scores of graduating high school seniors. The average score for each section of the test is 500 when tested among graduating high school seniors. Approximately fifty percent of the students earn scores above 500 and the other fifty percent earn below 500 on each individual test within the GED. The largest number of students earn scores that range from 400 to 600 on each test. A very small percentage of graduating high school seniors score below 300 or above 700 on any part of the GED.

In order to pass the GED tests, candidates are required to achieve scores that either meet or exceed that made by sixty percent of graduating high school seniors. The official scores needed to earn the GED credential are set by the Commission on Adult Learning and Educational Credentials. Candidates must score a combined average of 450 or higher on the five subject areas of the test. This should result in a total score of at least 2250. It is also necessary for candidates to score a minimum of 410 on each individual test.

Anyone who wishes to obtain further information about the standardization process or passing score requirements for the GED can contact their local GED Administrator or their local GED testing center.

The information above applies to the current version of the GED exam. In 2014, a brand new version will be unveiled; until then, use the current information on our website.

Reporting GED Test Scores