June 2, 2015

GED Science Test

The GED Science test has 50 multiple-choice questions. There will be an 80-minute time limit to complete the test. Half of the questions will reference an accompanying graph or reading passage. The specific areas that will be covered include Life Science (45%), Earth and Space Science (20%), and Physical Science (35%). Scientific literacy can help students make decisions about their everyday lives. Applying thinking skills to science-related topics can help students evaluate environmental and personal health issues.

At least half of the content of the Science test is based on the National Science Education Standards (NSES). The items that must be covered according to the NSES include a variety of areas and skills relating to science. Students should be prepared to answer questions relating to the use of science as a tool of inquiry, especially involving the scientific method. Questions will also address how science can be applied to technology. Students should be prepared to answer questions regarding the connection between science and social issues, questions regarding the history and nature of science, and questions on the unifying concepts of science.

Candidates can prepare for the Science test by studying the concepts and processes involved in various science-related topics including form and function, evolution, equilibrium, entropy, change, constancy, measurement, evidence, models, explanations, systems, order, and organization.

Candidates should be able to read given material and summarize main ideas, restate information, identify implications and inferences, and apply given ideas to different situations. Questions may also require candidates to identify hypotheses, distinguish between facts and opinions, recognize unstated assumptions, draw conclusions, and use the scientific method.

(This information applies to the current test, and will be accurate until 2014, at which time a brand new version of the GED will be introduced. Don’t let rumors of a new GED confuse you.)

GED Science Test Practice

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