June 2, 2015

GED Language Arts Writing Practice Test

1. My customer service skills combined with your knowledge of financially matters will result in a profitable partnership.

Identify the change that should be made to the above sentence.

A. change customer to custamer
B. change will result to will resulting
C. change financially to financial
D. insert a colon after skills

2. Thank you for the gift, but it was not necessary.

Which is the best way to write the underlined portion of the text?

A. it is correct as it appears
B. gift and it
C. gift: since it
D. gift, despite it

3. The lions and polar bears were the two things about which I was most excited.

The most effective revision of this sentence would begin with:

A. I was most excited about
B. Two things I was most
C. Most excited was I
D. Polar bears and lions

4. I like the quiet and tranquil setting the countryside offers.

Which phrase could replace the underlined portion above while retaining the meaning of the sentence?

A. loud and bustling
B. rushed and jovial
C. silent and peaceful
D. frenzied and frantic

5. Melanie enjoys cheerleading, volleyball, swimming and running track.

Which verb should be added before the word volleyball to make the sentence parallel?
A. play
B. playing
C. played
D. watch

6. My mother sent me to the store to purchase the following items milk, butter, cheese and bread.

The proper punctuation between the words items and milk is which of the following?

A. comma
B. parentheses
C. period
D. colon

7. Horses must be watered fed and brushed daily.

What is the proper way to write the underlined portion of the above sentence?

A. watered; fed; and brushed; daily.
B. watered-fed-and-brushed daily.
C. watered, fed and brushed daily.
D. correct as is

8. I can speak several languages. Speaking Spanish, French and Italian, I am well-educated.

Which is the best way to combine the two sentences?

A. I can speak several languages including Spanish, French and Italian.
B. I can speak several languages that are Spanish, French and Italian.
C. Educated well in Spanish, French and Italian I speak many languages.
D. Spanish, French and Italian are the well-educated languages spoken by me.

9. I will be, as a lifeguard at the community pool, trained to use CPR and rescue techniques.

If you rewrote this sentence beginning with As a lifeguard at the community pool, the next words should be:

A. I can be
B. CPR and rescue
C. I will be
D. trained to

10. I am going to visit my grandmother yesterday.

Which word or words should replace the underlined word above?

A. was
B. have
C. is
D. did


1) Amelia is tenth-grade student at Bishop Little High School in Lincoln, Nebraska.
2) Amelia is a member of the Choir, Key Club, and track team.
3) Amelia’s favorite classes are Biology and Art, and her least favorite classes are Math and Computer Science.
4) Amelia’s brother likes to make sculptures.
5) Amelia is looking forward to summer vacation because she will be attending an outdoor adventure camp for teens in Boulder, Colorado.

Using the sentences 1 to 5 above answer the following questions.

All but one of theses sentences can be placed together to form a paragraph. Which sentence will not help to create a unified paragraph?

A. 1
B. 4
C. 5
D. 2

12. Assume that sentence 2 would follow sentence 1 in a paragraph. What would be the best pronoun to replace the word Amelia in sentence 2?

A. Her
B. She
C. My
D. Their

13. Which sentence would be the best choice for an introductory sentence in a paragraph about Amelia?

A. 1
B. 3
C. 2
D. 4

14. Kevin had just completed the test he was nervous about his grade in the class.

The most effective revision of this sentence would contain which group of words?

A. Nervous as Kevin was
B. Completing his grade, Kevin had
C. Having just completed the test,
D. Complete and nervous about a grade,

15. According to the biography of Abraham Lincoln, he was patient, intelligent, and was honest.

The most effective revision of the underlined part of this sentence would include which group of words?

A. patiently, intelligence, and honesty.
B. patient intelligent more honest.
C. had patient, intelligent, and honest.
D. patient, intelligent, and honest.

16. Jane and Clark had to work a double shift at the restaurant.

If you rewrote this sentence beginning with One day next week, the next words should be

A. Jane and Clark will have to
B. a double shift had to be
C. double shifts are
D. the double shift will have been

17. You must return the book within fourteen days or you will have been charged a late fee.

Which is the best way to write the underlined portion of this sentence?

A. days or you is going to be charged
B. days or you are charging
C. days or you will be charged
D. days or else charging

18. Tomorrow we can asked for permission to visit the museum.

Which changes should be made to this sentence?

A. change we can asked to we will ask
B. change Tomorrow to Yesterday
C. add a semicolon after Tomorrow
D. change we can to we are

19. That company is well known for their contributions to the community.

Which is the best way to write the underlined portion?

A. correct as is
B. are well known for their
C. is well known for there
D. is well known for its

20. The bell will ring when it’s time to go to lunch.

Which is the best way to write the underlined portion? Choose A if it is correct as it appears above.

A. when it’s time
B. when its time
C. when its’ time
D. as its time

Answer Key